Using a Topic Outline File

You can compose topics by creating a topic outline file.

A topic outline file is an ASCII text file in a structured format that contains topic definitions. A topic outline file might appear as follows:

art <Accrue>
*performing-arts <Accrue>
**0.80 "ballet" 
**0.50 "drama" 
**0.50 ’dance’ 
**0.80 "opera" 
**0.80 "symphony" 
**0.90 "chamber music"
**"Isaac Stern"
*film <Accrue>
**directors <Filter>
/definition="title CONTAINS Truffaut"
*visual-arts <Accrue>
literature <Accrue>
philosophy <Accrue>
language <Accrue>
history <Accrue>

You can create a topic outline file with any text editor.