cis packet size

The cis packet size parameter determines the number of bytes contained in a single network packet. The default for cis packet size is 512. You must specify values for this parameter in multiples of 512. Increasing this parameter improves the performance of the Full-Text Search engine because, with a larger packet size, it returns fewer packets for each query. However, keep in mind that the larger the number you set for cis packet size, the more memory Adaptive Server will allocate for that parameter.

The cis packet size parameter is dynamic; you do not need to reboot Adaptive Server for this parameter to take effect.

NoteIf you change the cis packet size, you must also change the max_packetsize parameter in the Full-Text Search engine configuration file to the same value. If CIS is used to access other remote servers, the max network packet size on those servers must be increased as well.

You need to reboot the Full-Text Search engine for the max_packetsize parameter to take effect.