Starting the Full-Text Search Engine As a Service

Use the instsvr utility in Sybase Central to add the Full-Text Search engine to the list of items you can start and stop with the Services utility. instsvr is located in the %SYBASE%\%SYBASE_FTS%\bin directory.

The instsvr utility uses the following syntax:

instsvr.exe service_name %SYBASE%\%SYBASE_FTS%\bin\txtsvr.exe "startup_parameters"


For example, to install a Full-Text Search engine named KRAZYKAT_TS as a service, enter:

instsvr.exe KRAZYKAT_TS %SYBASE%\sds\text\bin\txtsvr.exe 

NoteIf you need to include more than one parameter (for example, -i), you must include all the parameters in one set of double quotes.

To configure Sybase Central to start and stop your Full-Text Search engine, you must provide a service name that begins with “SYBTXT_server_name”, where server_name is the name of the Full-Text Search engine listed in the interfaces file. For example, if the name in the interfaces file is KRAZYKAT_TS, run the following instsvr command to create a service that can be managed by Sybase Central:

instsvr SYBTXT_KRAZYKAT_TS %SYBASE%\%SYBASE_FTS%\bin\txtsvr.exe