Creating the Text Index and Index Table

Use the sp_create_text_index system procedure to create the text indexes. sp_create_text_index does the following:

The text index can contain up to 16 columns. Columns of the following datatypes can be indexed:

char, varchar, nchar, nvarchar, text, image, datetime, smalldatetime, int, smallint, tinyint, unichar, and univarchar.

For example, to create a text index and an index table named i_blurbs for the copy column in the blurbs table in pubs2 on KRAZYKAT, enter:

sp_create_text_index "KRAZYKAT", "i_blurbs", "blurbs", " ", "copy"


See sp_create_text_index for more information.

NoteMake sure the text_db database name in the configuration file (listed after the defaultDb parameter) matches the database name in Adaptive Server. If they do not match, the text index cannot be created. Also, verify that the text_events table exists in the user database. If it does not exist, run the installevent script for that database (refer to “Running the installevent Script”).

Populating the Verity collections can take a few minutes or several hours, depending on the amount of data you are indexing. You may want to perform this step when the server is not being heavily used. Increasing the batch_size configuration parameter will also expedite the process. See “batch_size” for more information.

NoteDo not rename an index because the Verity collection will not be renamed.