Replacing the Default Thesaurus with the Custom Thesaurus

The default thesaurus named vdk20.syd is located in:


where vdkLanguage is the value of the vdkLanguage configuration parameter (for example, the English directory is $SYBASE/$SYBASE_FTS/verity/common/english). Each application and user reading from this location at runtime uses this thesaurus. To replace it with your custom thesaurus, follow these steps:

  1. Back up the default thesaurus before replacing it with the custom thesaurus. For example:

    mv /$SYBASE/$SYBASE_FTS/verity/common/english/vdk20.syd default.syd
  2. Replace the vdk20.syd file with your custom thesaurus. For example:

    cp custom.syd /$SYBASE/$SYBASE_FTS/verity/common/english/vdk20.syd
  3. Restart your Full-Text Search engine; no configuration file changes are required. The thesaurus is read from this location when the Full-Text Search engine is started, not when a query is executed.

Queries using the thesaurus operator will now use the custom thesaurus.