Appendix C: Unicode Support

The Unicode standard, a subset of the International Standards Organization’s ISO 10646 standard, is an international character set. Unicode is identical to the Basic Multilingual Plane (BMP) of ISO 10646, which supports all the major scripts and languages in the world. Therefore, it is a superset of all existing character sets.

The major advantages of Unicode are:

The Enhanced Full-Text Search engine supports Unicode. To use this feature, you need to obtain and install the Unicode Developer’s Kit (also known as UDK). This contains everything you need to set up a Unicode-enabled client/server database system.

To configure the Full-Text Search engine to store data in Unicode format, set the charset configuration value to utf8 (see “Modifying the Configuration Parameters”).

NoteIf you issue wildcard searches against data in Unicode format, turn on trace flag 15. For more information, refer to “Setting Trace Flags”,