Enables you to bring an engine online or offline.


sp_engine {“online” | [offline | can_offline] [, engine_id] | 
[“shutdown”, engine_id]}



bring an engine online. The value of sp_configure “max online engines” must be greater than the current number of engines online. , Becuase “online” is a reserved keyword, you must use quotes.


bring an engine offline. You can also use the engine_id parameter to specify a specific engine to bring offline.


returns information on whether an engine can be brought offline. can_offline returns the Adaptive Server tasks with an affinity to this engine (for example, during Omni or java.net tasks) if its state is online . If you do not specify an engine_id, the command describes the status of the engine in sysengines with the highest engine_id.


the ID of the engine. The engine_id parameter is optional. If you do not specify an engine_id, sp_engine uses the incremented or decremented value for engine_id for the value of engine found within sysengines. That is, if your system uses engines 0, 1, 2, and 3, and you do not specify an engine id, sp_engine takes engine ID 3 offline, then engine ID 2, and so on.


Forces an engine offline. If there are any tasks with an affinity to this engine, they are killed after a five-minute wait. You must use quotes, as shutdown is a reserved keyword.


Example 1

Brings engine number one online. Messages are platform specific (in this example, Sun Solaris was used):

sp_engine "online", 1 

02:00000:00000:2001/10/26 08:53:40.61 kernel  Network and device connection limit is 3042.
02:00000:00000:2001/10/26 08:53:40.61 kernel  SSL Plus security modules loaded successfully.
02:00000:00000:2001/10/26 08:53:40.67 kernel  engine 2, os pid 8624  online
02:00000:00000:2001/10/26 08:53:40.67 kernel  Enabling Sun Kernel asynchronous disk I/O strategy
00:00000:00000:2001/10/26 08:53:40.70 kernel  ncheck: Network fc0330c8 online

Example 2

Describes the steps in taking an engine offline that is currently running tasks with an affinity for this engine:

select engine, status from sysengines

engine	    status
------    ------
0         online
1         online
2         online
3         online

If you bring engine 1 offline:

sp_engine offline, 1

The following task(s) will affect the offline process:
spid: 19 has outstanding ct-lib connections.

And then run the same query as above, it now shows that engine 1 is in an offline state:

select engine, status from sysengines

engine    status
------    ------
0         online
1         in offline
2         online
3         online

As soon as the task that has an affinity to engine 1 finishes, Adaptive Server issues a message similar to the following to the error log:

02:00000:00000:2001/10/26 09:02:09.05 kernel  engine 1, os pid 8623  offline

Example 3

Determines whether engine 1 can be brought offline:

sp_engine can_offline, 1

Example 4

Takes engine 1 offline:

sp_engine offline, 1 

Adaptive Server eventually returns a message similar to the following:

01:00000:00000:2001/11/09 16:11:11.85 kernel  Engine 1 waiting for affinitated process(es) before going offline
01:00000:00000:2001/11/09 16:11:11.85 kernel  Process 917518 is preventing engine 1 going offline
00:00000:00000:2001/11/09 16:16:01.90 kernel  engine 1, os pid 21127  offline

Example 5

Shuts down engine 1 :

sp_engine shutdown, 1



You must be a System Administrator to bring engines online or offline.