Handling overflow and truncation errors

The arithabort option determines how Adaptive Server behaves when an arithmetic error occurs. The two arithabort options, arithabort arith_overflow and arithabort numeric_truncation, handle different types of arithmetic errors. You can set each option independently, or set both options with a single set arithabort on or set arithabort off statement.

The arithignore option determines whether Adaptive Server prints a warning message after an overflow error. By default, the arithignore option is turned off. This causes Adaptive Server to display a warning message after any query that results in numeric overflow. To ignore overflow errors, use set arithignore on.

NoteThe arithabort and arithignore options were redefined for release 10.0. If you use these options in your applications, examine them to be sure they still produce the desired effects.