Adds or changes a password for an Adaptive Server login account.


sp_password caller_passwd, new_passwd [, loginame]



is your password. When you are changing your own password, this is your old password. When a System Security Officer is using sp_password to change another user’s password, caller_passwd is the System Security Officer’s password.


is the new password for the user, or for loginame. It must be at least 6 bytes long. Enclose passwords that include characters besides A-Z, a-z, or 0-9 in quotation marks. Also enclose passwords that begin with 0-9 in quotes.


the login name of the user whose account password is being changed by the System Security Officer.


Example 1

Changes your password from password from “3blindmice” to “2mediumhot.” (Enclose the passwords in quotes because they begin with numerals.):

sp_password "3blindmice", "2mediumhot"

Example 2

A System Security Officer whose password is “2tomato” has changed Victoria’s password to “sesame1”:

sp_password "2tomato", sesame1, victoria

Example 3

Changes your password from NULL to “16tons.” Notice that NULL is not enclosed in quotes (NULL is not a permissible new password):

sp_password null, "16tons"

Example 4

PRODUCTION...sp_password figaro, lilacs

Changes your password on the PRODUCTION server from “figaro” to “lilacs.”



Only a System Security Officer can execute sp_password to change another user’s password. Any user can execute sp_password to change his or her own password.

See also

System procedures sp_addlogin, sp_adduser