rollback trigger


Rolls back the work done in a trigger, including the data modification that caused the trigger to fire, and issues an optional raiserror statement.


rollback trigger
	[with raiserror_statement]


with raiserror_statement

specifies a raiserror statement, which prints a user-defined error message and sets a system flag to record that an error condition has occurred. This provides the ability to raise an error to the client when the rollback trigger is executed so that the transaction state in the error reflects the rollback. For information about the syntax and rules defining raiserror_statement, see the raiserror command.


Example 1

Rolls back a trigger and issues the user-defined error message 25002:

rollback trigger with raiserror 25002
    "title_id does not exist in titles table."



SQL92 – Compliance level: Transact-SQL extension.


rollback trigger permission defaults to “public.” No permission is required to use it.

See also

Commands create trigger, raiserror, rollback