remove java


Removes one or more Java-SQL classes, packages, or JARs from a database.

Use when Java classes are installed in the database. Refer to Java in Adaptive Server Enterprise for more information.


remove java 
	class class_name [, class_name]...
		| package package_name [, package_name]...
		| jar jar_name [, jar_name]...[retain classes]


class class_name

the name of one or more Java classes to be removed from the database. The classes must be installed in the current database.

package package_name

the name of one or more Java packages to be removed. The packages must be stored in the current database.

jar jar_name

either a SQL identifier or character string value of up to 30 bytes that contains a valid SQL identifier.

Each jar_name must be equal to the name of a retained JAR in the current database.

retain classes

specifies that the named JARs are no longer retained in the database, and the retained classes have no associated JAR.




You must be a System Administrator or Database Owner to use remove java.

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