Specifying the date

Use the following syntax to specify the date and time (optional):


A 24-hour clock is assumed.

When you specify the date, the system procedures interpret it as follows:

For example, suppose the most recent dbcc checkstorage operation completed on March 4, 1997 at 10:20:45.

If you specify the date as “03/04/97”, the system procedure interprets the date as 03/04/97:23:59:59. This date and time are compared to the actual finish date and time of 03/04/97:10:20:45.

If you specify the date as “03/04/97:10:00:00”, the operation that completes at 10:20:45 is not selected for the report because only the operations that complete on or before the specified time meet the criteria.

If you specify the date as “03/06/97”, no report is generated because the most recent operation completed more than 24 hours earlier.