Arithmetic overflow and divide-by-zero errors

Divide-by-zero errors occur when Adaptive Server tries to divide a numeric value by zero. Arithmetic overflow errors occur when the new type has too few decimal places to accommodate the results. This happens during:

Both arithmetic overflow and divide-by-zero errors are considered serious, whether they occur during an implicit or explicit conversion. Use the arithabort arith_overflow option to determine how Adaptive Server handles these errors. The default setting, arithabort arith_overflow on, rolls back the entire transaction in which the error occurs. If the error occurs in a batch that does not contain a transaction, arithabort arith_overflow on does not roll back earlier commands in the batch, and Adaptive Server does not execute statements that follow the error-generating statement in the batch. If you set arithabort arith_overflow off, Adaptive Server aborts the statement that causes the error, but continues to process other statements in the transaction or batch.You can use the @@error global variable to check statement results.

Use the arithignore arith_overflow option to determine whether Adaptive Server displays a message after these errors. The default setting, off, displays a warning message when a divide-by-zero error or a loss of precision occurs. Setting arithignore arith_overflow on suppresses warning messages after these errors. The optional arith_overflow keyword can be omitted without any effect.