quiesce database


Suspends and resumes updates to a specified list of databases.


quiesce database tag_name hold dbname [, dbname] ...
	[for external dump


quiesce database tag_name release



is a user-defined name that designates the list of databases to hold or release. The tag_name must conform to the rules for identifiers.


is a database name.

for external dump

specifies that while updates to the databases in the list are suspended, you will physically copy all affected database devices, using some facility external to Adaptive Server. The copy operation is to serve as a replacement for the combination of dump database and load database.


Example 1

Suspends update activity on salesdb and ordersdb:

quiesce database report_dbs hold salesdb, ordersdb 

Example 2

Resumes update activity on the databases labeled report_dbs:

quiesce database report_dbs release

Example 3

Suspends update activity to the pubs2 database and signifies your intent to make an external copy of this database:

quiesce database pubs_tag hold pubs2 for external dump



quiesce database permission defaults to System Administrators.

See also

Commands dump database, dump transaction

System procedures sp_helpdb, sp_who