Troubleshooting SySAM

When you start Adaptive Server with SySAM support, problems acquiring licenses or contacting the asset management software appear in the Adaptive Server error log file, lmgrd.log ($SYBASE/$SYBASE_SYSAM/log).

Table 10-4 describes the SySAM error messages and suggests ways to correct common problems.

Table 10-4: SySAM error messages




Use license file filename.

This message identifies the license file that Adaptive Server uses.

This is a normal start-up message; no action is required.

Feature feature_name is not licensed.

There is no license available for the specified optional feature.

You must purchase and install a valid license for the feature before it can be used. See Chapter 3, “Sybase Software Asset Management (SySAM).”

There is no valid license for ASE server product. Server is starting with all the optional features disabled.

Adaptive Server cannot find a valid license file, or it cannot contact the asset management software to check out an ASE_SERVER license.

When Adaptive Server cannot check out an ASE_SERVER license, the server starts but does not enable any optional features.

If you have purchased an ASE_SERVER license, make sure it has been installed. Also, make sure that the license file exists and is either defined in $SYBASE/$SYBASE_SYSAM/licenses or is pointed to by $LM_LICENSE_FILE.

Note$LM_LICENSE_FILE can interfere with the licensed products from other vendors.

License manager initialization fails.

The asset management software did not initialize.

Use “Starting the software manually”.

Feature feature_name is over drafted n times.

All licenses for the specified feature have already been checked out by other servers.

Adaptive Server enables the optional feature, even though all available licenses have been used by other servers. Contact your authorized Sybase reseller to purchase an additional license for the feature.

Warning: there is no valid license for ASE_feature and therefore feature feature is not initialized.

There is no license available for the configured feature.

Adaptive Server does not enable the optional feature until it can obtain a valid license. Purchase and install a license for the feature. Contact your authorized Sybase reseller.