Starting Adaptive Server with optional features

You can use sp_configure parameters to turn on or off optional features. Table 3-2 lists the parameters used to configure optional features.

Table 3-2: Configuration parameters for optional features

Feature name

License name

Configuration parameter

High availability


enable HA

Distributed transaction management


enable DTM

Java in Adaptive Server


enable java

LDAP directory services (32-bit platforms)



External file system


enable file access

NoteAdaptive Server’s support for distributed transaction management protocols: XA and Microsoft DTC protocols, requires configuration parameter enable DTM to be set and also a license to be available.

Distributed transaction management support through Adaptive Server Transaction Coordinator requires configuration parameter enable xact coordination to be set. However, this feature is available with no license requirements.

By default, the configuration parameters for optional features are set to 0 (off). To enable an optional feature, use sp_configure to set its configuration parameter to 1, and restart Adaptive Server.

Some features require additional preparation before you can use them. For more information, see Table 3-2 and Configuring Adaptive Server Enterprise.