Installing sample databases

This section describes how to install the U.S. English and international language sample databases. For installation instructions specific to each sample database, see the following sections:

The sample databases contain information about a fictitious business. You can use this information to learn about the Sybase products, without affecting essential data while learning.

Table 5-1 lists the scripts that you can use to install the sample databases.

Table 5-1: Sample database scripts




Installs the pubs2 sample database.

This database contains data that represents a publishing operation. Use this database to test your server connections and to learn Transact-SQL. Most of the examples in the Adaptive Server documentation query the pubs2 database.


Installs the pubs3 sample database.

This updated version of pubs2 uses referential integrity. In addition, its tables are slightly different than the tables used in pubs2. Where noted, the Adaptive Server documentation uses the pubs3 database in its examples.


Installs the image data that is used with the pubs2 database.

NoteThe master device size should be at least 30MB to install the full pubs2 database, including the image data. Run the installpix2 script after you run installpubs2.


Installs the Powersoft sample database for PC-clients.

For information on installing psdemodb, see Configuring Adaptive Server Enterprise for your platform.