Product descriptions

Table 1-1 provides a description of the server products in your standard Adaptive Server package.

Table 1-1: Product descriptions



Adaptive Server

The relational database server. The default unloading process includes:

  • Adaptive Server

  • Backup Server

  • Monitor Server

  • XP Server

  • Adaptive Server utilities

  • Scripts and configuration files

Adaptive Server Plug-In to Sybase Central Java Edition

Sybase Central is a common framework for managing servers. It allows you to manage Adaptive Server installations using the Sybase Central™ graphical management tool.

For information on how to use Sybase Central to manage Adaptive Server, see the online help.

Sybase Monitor Server for Adaptive Server

An Open Server™ application that obtains performance statistics on Adaptive Server and makes those statistics available to Monitor Server client applications.

Sybase Monitor Server includes:

  • Monitor Server for Adaptive Server Enterprise 12.5 – an Open Server application that obtains performance statistics on Adaptive Server and makes those statistics available to monitors Monitor Historical Servers and applications built with Monitor Client-Library.

  • Monitor Client-Library – a programming interface that provides access to Adaptive Server performance data.

  • Monitor Historical Server – an Open Server application that obtains performance statistics for many Adaptive Servers via Monitor Servers and records the data to specified file locations.

Backup Server

Backup Server is an Open Server-based application that manages all database backup (dump) and restore (load) operations for Adaptive Server. Backup Server:

  • Allows you to use virtually unlimited dump devices (this is called dump striping) in parallel to dump or load a single database or transaction log.

  • Allows compressed dumps and loads to the local disk.

  • Allows one dump to span multiple tapes or allows multiple dumps to be made to a single tape.

  • Allows dumping and loading over the network to or from a device on another machine.

  • Provides automated determination of tape device characteristics, by using operating system commands, for a dump operation.

  • Supports dump and load command syntax specification for volume naming, dismount and load control, tape density, block size, tape capacity, days to retain, initialization, file naming for multi-dump volumes, and listing header or file information.

Install Backup Server if you plan to back up and restore databases in Adaptive Server. Backup Server is installed, by default, when you install Adaptive Server software.

Language Modules (Server)

Provides system messages and date/time formats to help you localize your applications. Default installation includes the us_english language module and the following character sets:

  • cp437 – IBM CP437, U.S. code set

  • cp850 – IBM CP850, European code set

  • iso_1 – ISO 8859-1, Latin-1

  • mac – Standard Macintosh coding

  • roman8 – HP Roman-8

Other languages for Adaptive Server and Sybase client products are French, German, and Japanese. Language modules for Spanish, Korean, Brazilian Portuguese, and Simplified Chinese are also available for Adaptive Server only.

For more information on server language modules and character sets, see Configuring Adaptive Server Enterprise for your platform.

Language Modules (Connectivity)

Provides messages and support files for running Open Client™ applications in various languages.

jConnect 4.5 and jConnect 5.5

Provides a Java database connectivity (JDBC) driver that works with both Sun and Microsoft virtual machines (VMs).

Provides support for Adaptive Server 12.5 extended limits by requesting support for wide tables. This request is ignored by servers other than Adaptive Server 12.5 and higher.

For more information on jConnect for JDBC, see the jConnect product page

jConnect Documentation

Contains the Sybase jConnect for JDBC Programmer’s Reference.

Java utilities


  • The Cascade Gateway – a gateway that acts as a proxy to provide a path to the database server if it is running on a different host from the Web server.

  • jisql – a graphical Transact-SQL® editor written in Java that replaces SQL Advantage®.

  • Ribo – a utility that captures, translates, and displays the Tabular Data Stream (TDS) protocol flowing between a TDS client and a TDS server.

ODBC Driver

Allows Windows NT client applications to access Adaptive Server data.

Open Client

Provides libraries and utilities for developing any Open Client application.

XP Server

An Open Server application that manages and executes extended stored procedures (ESPs) from within Adaptive Server. ESPs provide a method for calling procedural language functions from within Adaptive Server.

XP Server is unloaded, by default, when you unload Adaptive Server software from the distribution media. Use the srvbuild utility to set up XP Server and to connect XP Server and Adaptive Server through the interfaces file.