Using sqlupgraderes

You can upgrade Adaptive Server in noninteractive mode by using values from a resource file that defines the attributes for the server to be upgraded.

To upgrade an Adaptive Server using a resource file, either:

  1. Edit the sample resource file included in your Adaptive Server distribution in $SYBASE/$SYBASE_ASE/init/sample_resource_files/ Use an ASCII text editor to edit the resource file as described in Appendix A, “Alternative Installation Methods.”

  2. Run the sqlupgrade utility. This utility creates a new file containing the values you specified for that upgrade session, and writes it to:


    where server_name is the name of the upgraded server.

    WARNING! Be sure to change device names in the resource file, if necessary, before executing the resource file using sqlupgraderes.

    For details on the attributes used in a resource file, see “Resource file attributes for upgrading Adaptive Server”.