Appendix A: Alternative Installation Methods

Resource file installation

You can create an Adaptive Server or Backup Server, using values specified in a resource file that defines the attributes for the server.

Resource files are ASCII format template files that contain configuration variables. To use the template files, edit the resource file, replace variables with desired values, and execute the svrbuildres utility. The svrbuildres utility uses the variables to create servers.

Resource files allow you to create servers in batch mode. You can create servers on multiple systems from the same resource file by editing a few values in that file. Within a single resource file, you can create only one server at a time.

The server files must already exist on the computer before the servers can be created. Use procedures in Chapter 4, “Installing Sybase Servers.”

NoteYou cannot install Monitor Server, XP Server or the full-text search engine using resource files.

To install an Adaptive Server or Backup Server using resource files:

  1. Edit a resource file as described in “Installing from a resource file”.

  2. Execute the srvbuildres utility, using the edited resource file as described in “Using srvbuildres”.