Adaptive Server features licensed through SySAM

You must register the Adaptive Server Enterprise license through SySAM before you can enable any of the optional features.

Table 3-1 describes the Adaptive Server features that are licensed through SySAM.

Table 3-1: Licensed Adaptive Server features

Feature name

License name


Adaptive Server


The basic Adaptive Server Enterprise product, without optional features.

High availability


Adaptive Server failover capabilities for high availability environments.

Java in Adaptive Server


Java and XML support in Adaptive Server databases.

Advanced security mechanisms


Network-based authentication and encryption using DCE and CyberSafe.

Distributed transaction management


Distributed transaction management support for XA and Microsoft DTC protocols.

Enterprise JavaBean Server


A transaction server provides the framework for creating, deploying, and managing middle-tier business logic in the form of EJBs in a multi-tier environment.

LDAP directory services


Lightweight directory services.

Enhanced Full-Text Search


Enhanced full-text search specialty data store.

External file system


Management of non-relational Web content.

If you plan to use Adaptive Server 12.5 with Replication Server, DirectConnect, or OpenSwitch, you must upgrade those products to the latest versions to ensure compatibility with new features from Adaptive Server 12.5.

Adaptive Server 12.5 features that are not yet supported with these complimentary products include: