Installation and setup utilities

Table 1-2 lists the Adaptive Server installation and setup utilities you can use to unload, install, upgrade, or customize Adaptive Server and its product.

Table 1-2: Installation and setup utilities

Tool or process



Setup executable program


The executable program used to initiate the Studio Installer utility.

Also configures servers after downloading, if you choose to do so; automatically configures Historical Server.

Installation program or Studio Installer utility

Studio Installer

The installation program that installs programs and files to the target computer.

Server Config utility


An installation tool used to configure Adaptive Server, Monitor Server, Backup Server, and XP Server.

When running syconfig in a language other than English, all user input must be in a character set supported by U.S. English (no diacritical marks).

Server batch utility


A command-line utility used to create Adaptive Server, Monitor Server, and Backup Server, based on a resource file.

Editor program


A program used to edit the sql.ini file and configure directory services.