Check system and upgrade requirements

NoteThe sqlupgrade utility performs a pre-upgrade check of all database sizes and returns the value by which you need to increase database and devices sizes.

To verify that your system environment is configured correctly:

  1. Verify that the computer on which you plan to upgrade the Sybase products meets the requirements described in Chapter 2, “Installation Requirements.”

  2. Determine whether your server supports an upgrade to Adaptive Server 12.5.

    To determine the version level of your current Adaptive Server, enter the following command after login in to your server using isql:

    1> select @@version
    2> go

    You can upgrade to Adaptive Server 12.5 from any of these versions:

    If you are running a version of Adaptive Server that is earlier than those listed here, you must upgrade to one of these versions before upgrading to 12.5.

  3. Set the environment variables to the values described in Chapter 4, “Installing Sybase Servers.”

  4. Verify that your operating system is at the proper version level and has all operating system patches needed for Adaptive Server. See the Release Bulletin for your platform.