System requirements

Table 2-1 shows the required version-level, RAM, and network-protocol requirements for Adaptive Server. See the release bulletin for the latest information on required system patches.

Table 2-1: Server system requirements


Operating system

Supported protocols

Windows NT

Windows NT 4.0, (Service Pack #6a Normal Server, or later)

TCP IPX/SPX Named Pipes (Named Pipes are not supported for LDAP server connections)

Table 2-2: PC-client system requirements


Operating system

Supported protocols

Windows NT

Windows NT 4.0, (Service Pack #6a Normal Server, or later)

TCP IPX/SPX Named Pipes

Windows 98

Windows 98

TCP IPX/SPX Named Pipes

Table 2-3 shows the system requirements for installing jConnect for JDBC.

Table 2-3: System requirements for jConnect on Windows NT and Windows 98


PC with 486 or greater Intel processor

Operating system

Windows NT 3.5.1 or later, or Windows 95/98 (supporting Java VM version 1.1)

Free disk space

10MB for default options

Java Developer’s Kit

Sun’s JDK 1.2.x or later, or Microsoft’s jView


  • Adaptive Server Enterprise (SQL Server System 10, version 10.0.2, through Adaptive Server Enterprise 12.x); or

  • Sybase SQL Anywhere 5.5.23 or later, running Open Server Gateway™ dbos50; or

  • Sybase SQL Anywhere Studio 6.0*

NoteSome features in jConnect version 4.5 and 5.5 require Adaptive Server Enterprise 12.x or later:

  • Support for wide tables

  • Support for outer join syntax

  • Support for Sybase Failover in high availability systems (“HA Failover”)

  • Implementation of a DynamicClassLoader (or Adaptive Server Anywhere 6.x and later)

  • Support for distributed transaction management —Java Transaction API (JTA), and Java Transaction Service (JTS)

For more information on these features, see the Sybase jConnect for JDBC Programmer’s Reference.

Web browser

Any browser that supports JDK 1.1.x or later, such as Netscape 4.0.x, Internet Explorer 4.0.x, or HotJava 1.x

Other Sybase products (optional)

Adaptive Server IQ, OmniConnect™, DirectConnect™

IDE (optional)

Any Java application development environment, such as PowerJ™, Visual J++, Symantec Cafe, or Borland Latte

Web server (optional)

For jConnect’s TDS-tunnelling servlet, any Web server that supports the HTTPS protocol and javax.servlet interfaces

NoteA free evaluation version of SQL Anywhere Studio 6.0 (includes Adaptive Server Anywhere 6.0) is available from Sybase

The Open Server Gateway and the required DLLs are no longer needed with Sybase SQL Anywhere Studio version 6.0 and later.

Client products are supported on Windows NT, and Windows 98. Table 2-4 lists the RAM required for client products.

Table 2-4: RAM requirements for PC-client products


Memory requirements

Adaptive Server plug-in for Sybase Central, Java Edition


Adaptive Server plug-in for Sybase Central, C++


Open Client/C Developer’s kit

16MB, 32MB recommended

Monitor Client Library

16MB, 32MB recommended

Embedded SQL/COBOL, Embedded SQL/C

jConnect 4.5 and 5.5

16MB each

SQL Remote 7.0.2


PowerDynamo 3.5.2

InfoMaker 7.0.3


Physical Architect 8.0