Online syntax help: sp_syntax

The $SYBASE/$SYBASE_ASE/scripts directory contains scripts for installing the syntax help database, sybsyntax. You can retrieve this data with the sp_syntax system procedure. For more information on sp_syntax, see the Adaptive Server Reference Manual.

The scripts directory contains one or more of the sp_syntax scripts shown in Table 10-1, depending on which Sybase products are included with your server:

Table 10-1: sp_syntax installation scripts




Open Client Client-Library™


Embedded SQL™


Open Server



All Adaptive Server installations receive the ins_syn_sql script. This script includes syntax information for Transact-SQL, the system procedures, and the Sybase utilities. When you execute this script, you install the SQL portion of the sybsyntax database.

You can install any of these scripts, depending on the need for Sybase information on your server. The first script you execute creates the sybsyntax database and the needed tables and indexes. Any scripts that you execute after the first one add to the existing information in the database. If you execute a script that was executed previously, the previously installed rows of information are deleted from the table in the database and then reinstalled.

WARNING! The ins_syn_cl and ins_syn_os scripts conflict. If you execute both scripts, errors occur.