Setting environment variables

It is crucial to the operation of Sybase products that the system environment variables be set correctly. Environment variables are set in the user’s environment either interactively or by including them in the user’s .login and .cshrc files (for C shell) or .profile file (for Bourne shell).

Only the file owner or the “root” user can edit a user’s .login, .cshrc, or .profile file.

You may want to verify that the Adaptive Server environment variables in Table 3-1 are set correctly.

To check the current value of environment variables:

Table 3-1 describes the system environment variables for Adaptive Server.

Table 3-1: System environment variables


Sample value




Used at Adaptive Server start-up; enables the specified Adaptive Server to listen for input from front-end software.



Defines the Adaptive Server to which local client applications connect.


/usr/bin:/etc: /usr/sbin: /usr/ucb: /usr/bin/X11:/sbin

Appends the full path to the Adaptive Server bin subdirectories.