Heterogeneous and homogeneous environments

You can run Adaptive Server and clients on the same platform or on different platforms.

If the platforms are different, each platform may require a different format and configuration for its interfaces file. Figure 5-1 illustrates how a client PC uses network information in its interfaces file (sql.ini) to connect to Adaptive Server running under UNIX, and how Adaptive Server uses its interfaces file to connect to another server during a remote procedure call.

Figure 5-1: Establishing network connections in a heterogeneous environment

If both a client and a server are running under UNIX, the same interfaces file is valid for both. Figure 5-2 illustrates how clients and Adaptive Servers running in a homogeneous environment can use copies of the interfaces file to establish connections. Because the two Adaptive Servers are running under the same operating system, they can use the same interfaces file or exact copies of the same file.

Figure 5-2: Establishing network connections in a homogeneous environment