Setting up a separate a Maintenance User login

In the replicate database, all replicated transactions are applied by the Maintenance User. The default Maintenance User login at the remote server is the ASE Replicator system user login at the primary Adaptive Server.

Setting up a separate login for the Maintenance User is optional:

StepsTo set up a separate Maintenance User login

  1. Log in to the primary Adaptive Server with a System Security Officer user role.

  2. Create an external login account to map the Maintenance User login in the replicate database server to the ASE Replicator system user:

    use master
    sp_addexternlogin server, rep_user, externname, externpw

    where server is the name of the replicate database server, rep_user is the login name of the ASE Replicator system user on the primary Adaptive Server, externname is the name of the Maintenance User login account on the remote server, and externpw is the password for the Maintenance User login account.

    For more information on using sp_addexternlogin to create external logins, see the Reference Manual.

NoteIf you create an external login account, make sure the user ID associated with that external login is added to the remote server and to each replicate database, and grant appropriate permissions in each replicate database to that user login name.