Identifying the remote server

You must define a remote server name in the primary Adaptive Server for the remote (replicate database) server.

StepsTo identify the remote server

  1. Log in to the primary Adaptive Server with a System Security Officer user role.

  2. Define the remote server name for the replicate database server:

    use master
    sp_addserver lname, ASEnterprise, pname

    where lname is the name of the replicate database server as known to the primary Adaptive Server, and pname is the replicate database server’s name in the interfaces file (if different from lname).

    For more information on using sp_addserver to define remote servers, see the Reference Manual.

  3. Add an entry for the replicate database server to the interfaces file on the primary Adaptive Server host.

NoteYou must perform steps 2 and 3 for each remote server you want to act as a replicate database server.