Primary articles/publications relation table

The part_pub_relation table stores information about the relationships of primary articles to publications.

Table A-9 lists the columns in the part_pub_relation table.

Table A-9: Primary articles/publications relation table

Column name





Primary article ID



Publication ID

Each row in the part_pub_relation table identifies a relationship between a single primary article and a single publication.

NoteEach primary article must be associated with a single publication when it is created. However, after it is created, a primary article can be added to any number of additional publications.

When you create a new primary article or add an existing primary article to a publication, a row is added to the part_pub_relation table for the specified article and the specified publication.

When you delete a primary article or remove a primary article from a publication, the row that identifies the relationship between the primary article and the specified publication is deleted from the part_pub_relation table.