Altering a published primary object

Use the following procedure if you need to alter a published primary object (table or stored procedure) while replication is in progress:

  1. Suspend any subscriptions that contain a replicate article that subscribes to the primary article for the object you need to alter.

  2. Delete any replicate articles that subscribe to that primary article.

  3. Suspend the primary connection and delete the primary article from all publications it belongs to.

  4. Alter the table or stored procedure in the primary database.

  5. Create a new primary article to publish the altered object, and add that primary article to any publications necessary.

  6. Resume the primary connection.

  7. Create a new replicate article to subscribe to the new primary article in each subscription necessary.

  8. Materialize or validate the new replicate article (or articles).

  9. Resume any subscription that contains a new replicate article.