Suspending replication

Suspending replication allows you to stop replication operations for maintenance or troubleshooting, without terminating the ASE Replicator process.

Suspending replication causes the ASE Replicator components to complete their work on current transactions in the primary database, then empty the Distribution Database stable queue before terminating. Suspending replication also suspends all database connections and subscriptions.

If a maintenance procedure affects only one database object, or one database, you can suspend just the subscription or the database connection involved. See “Suspending and resuming subscriptions” or “Suspending and resuming database connections” for more information.

After you suspend replication, the ASE Replicator process is essentially in an “admin” state, in which no replication takes place, but you can invoke ASE Replicator procedures to perform administrative tasks.

Suspending replication may take a while to complete, usually a few seconds.

To suspend replication, use sp_suspendrep: