Execution class bindings

The following statement binds order_entry with EC1 attributes, giving higher priority to the tasks running it:

sp_bindexeclass order_entry, AP, NULL, EC1

The following sp_bindexeclass statement specifies EC3 when “mgr” runs the sales_report application:

sp_bindexeclass mgr, LG, sales_report, EC3

This task can execute only when tasks with EC1 and EC2 attributes are idle or in a sleep state.

Figure 4-3 shows four execution objects running tasks. Several users are running the order_entry and sales_report applications. Two other logins are active, “mgr” (logged in once using the sales_report application, and twice using isql) and “cs3” (not using the affected applications).

Figure 4-3: Execution objects and their tasks

When the “mgr” login uses isql (tasks 1 and 2), the task runs with default attributes. But when the “mgr” login uses sales_report, the task runs at EC3. Other managers running sales_report (tasks 6 and 7) run with the default attributes. All tasks running order_entry run at high priority, with EC1 attributes (tasks 3, 4 and 8). “cs3” runs with default attributes.