reservepagegap specified only for the table

The following commands specify a reservepagegap for the table, but do not specify a value in the create index commands:

sp_chgattribute titles, "reservepagegap", 16
create clustered index title_ix on titles(title_id)
create index type_price on titles(type, price)

Table 14-8 shows the values applied when running reorg rebuild or dropping and creating a clustered index.

Table 14-8: reservepagegap values applied with table-level saved value


Allpages-locked table

Data-only-locked table

create clustered index or clustered index rebuild due to reorg rebuild

Data and index pages: 16

Data pages: 16 Index pages: 0 (filled extents)

Nonclustered index rebuild

Index pages: 0 (filled extents)

Index pages: 0 (filled extents)

The reservepagegap for the table is applied to both the data and index pages for an allpages-locked table with a clustered index. For a data-only-locked table, the table’s reservepagegap is applied to the data pages, but not to the clustered index pages.