Setting execution class attributes

You implement and manage execution hierarchy for client applications, logins, and stored procedures using the five categories of system procedures listed in the following table.

Table 4-2: System procedures for managing execution object precedence



System procedures

User-defined execution class

Create and drop a user-defined class with custom attributes or change the attributes of an existing class.

  • sp_addexeclass

  • sp_dropexeclass

Execution class binding

Bind and unbind predefined or user-defined classes to client applications and logins.

  • sp_bindexeclass

  • sp_unbindexeclass

For the session only (“on the fly”)

Set and clear attributes of an active session only.

  • sp_setpsexe

  • sp_clearpsexe


Add engines to and drop engines from engine groups; create and drop engine groups.

  • sp_addengine

  • sp_dropengine


Report on engine group assignments, application bindings, execution class attributes.

  • sp_showcontrolinfo

  • sp_showexeclass

  • sp_showpsexe

See the Adaptive Server Reference Manual for complete descriptions of the system procedures in Table 4-2.