Commands to configure named data caches

The commands used to configure caches and pools are shown in Table 15-1

Table 15-1: Commands used to configure caches




Creates or drops named caches and set the size, cache type, cache policy and local cache partition number. Reports on sizes of caches and pools.


Creates and drops I/O pools and changes their size, wash size, and asynchronous prefetch limit.


Binds databases or database objects to a cache.


Unbinds the specified database or database object from a cache.


Unbinds all databases and objects bound to a specified cache.


Reports summary information about data caches and lists the databases and database objects that are bound to a cache. Also reports on the amount of overhead required by a cache.


Reports statistics useful for tuning cache configuration, including cache spinlock contention, cache utilization, and disk I/O patterns.

For a full description of configuring named caches and binding objects to caches, see the System Administration Guide. Only a System Administrator can configure named caches and bind database objects to them.