Modifying the interfaces file

Before a Monitor Client Library application can run, it must have access to an interfaces file that contains entries for Adaptive Server Enterprise Monitor. The interfaces file can exist on a local or remote machine, so long as the Monitor Client Library application has access to the file system containing the interfaces file.

If an interfaces file does not exist on a machine where a Monitor Client Library application will run and an interfaces file is not accessible remotely, you must create one.

The interfaces file accessed by a Monitor Client Library application must contain entries for the following servers:

The entries that you add to the interfaces file accessed by the Monitor Client Library application must match the entries that already exist in the interfaces file for the servers, on the server machine. Those entries define the server names, their host machine names, and their port numbers. You must use the same values on the client machine. See the person who installed Monitor Server and Monitor Historical Server to obtain the entries for the servers.

The general format for additions to a client interfaces file is:

 	query entry 
 	master entry
 	query entry 
 	master entry
 	query entry
 	master entry 

Use the sybinit utility or a text editor to add entries to the interfaces file.

NoteBefore invoking sybinit, make sure that your SYBASE environment variable points to the directory containing the interfaces file that you want to change or, if the file does not yet exist on your machine, the directory where you want it to reside.

If you use a text editor to update the interfaces file, entries must comply with the following rules:

If you use sybinit to edit the interfaces file, the utility enforces these rules.

For information about editing interfaces files, specifics about the interfaces file format, and details about parameters within an interfaces file entry, see Configuring Adaptive Server Enterprise for your platform.