Chapter 1: Introduction

Component Integration Services is a feature that extends Adaptive Server capabilities and provides enhanced interoperability.

Component Integration Services provides both location transparency and functional compensation.

Location transparency means that Component Integration Services allows Adaptive Server to present a uniform view of enterprise data to client applications. Enterprise-wide data from heterogeneous sources can be accessed as if it were local.

Functional compensation allows Component Integration Services to emulate all features of the Transact-SQL language, and interact with a data source only when actual data is needed. With this capability, the full range and power of Transact-SQL can be applied to any data source, whether the data source provides support for a particular feature of Transact-SQL or not. Examples of this capability are built-in functions and Java functions. Component Integration Services allows statements to use these functions even though the data on which these functions may operate is derived from external sources that cannot support the functions.

Component Integration Services together with Adaptive Server Anywhere, Adaptive Server IQ and various DirectConnect interfaces, extends the reach of Adaptive Server Enterprise by enabling transparent access to database management systems anywhere in the enterprise. This transparent, extended reach of Adaptive Serve Enterprise makes it easy for Enterprise Portal components to:

Component Integration Services allows users to access both Sybase and non-Sybase databases on different servers. These external data sources include host data files and tables, views and RPCs (remote procedure calls) in database systems such as Adaptive Server, Oracle, and DB2, as shown in Figure 1-1.

Figure 1-1: Component Integration Services connects to multiple vendor databases

Using Component Integration Services, you can: