Step 1: Define the Storage Location of a Remote Object

The at pathname syntax used with create existing table command is the preferred method for defining the storage location of remote objects. The following method using sp_addobjectdef is also supported.

The stored procedure sp_addobjectdef defines the storage location of a remote object. This procedure allows the user to associate a remote object name with a local table name. The remote object may or may not exist before the storage location is defined. The syntax for sp_addobjectdef is:

sp_addobjectdef object_name, "object_loc" [,"object_type"]



To map the proxy table authors to the remote authors table, use the following syntax for the database shown in Figure A-1:

		sp_addobjectdef authors, "ORACLEDC...authors", "table"

Figure A-1: Using sp_addobjectdef to map a remote table to a proxy table