Controlling object creation in master

When you first install Adaptive Server, only a System Administrator can create objects in the master database, because the System Administrator implicitly becomes “dbo” of any database he or she uses. Any objects created on the master database should be used for the administration of the system as a whole. Permissions in master should remain set so that most users cannot create objects there.

WARNING! Never place user objects in master. Storing user objects in master can cause the transaction log to fill quickly. If the transaction log runs out of space completely, you will not be able to use dump transaction commands to free space in master.

Another way to discourage users from creating objects in master is to change the default database for users (the database to which a user is connected when he or she logs in) with sp_modifylogin. See “Adding users to databases” for more information.

If you create your own system procedures, create them in the sybsystemprocs database rather than in master.