Starting servers when the operating system restarts

This section describes how to configure your operating system for automatic restart of Adaptive Server and Backup Server when the system restarts.

On production systems, Adaptive Server, Backup Server, and Monitor Server should restart automatically when the UNIX operating system starts. This is accomplished by making an entry for the server in the operating system start-up script.

Monitor Server must be listed after Adaptive Server in the start-up script. For more information on starting Monitor Server during the operating system restart, see the Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise Monitor Server User’s Guide.

The $SYBASE/install/ script sets up a correct shell environment and installs a system run-level script in a Sybase user account. The script allows the automatic re-start and automatic shutdown of configured Sybase Server products such as Adaptive Server Enterprise, Backup Server, and Open Server.

To run

  1. Log in as root.

  2. Run the script to perform the post-installation. Enter:

    # $SYBASE/install/
  3. Create the correct runtime links for shutdown and boot. Enter:

    # /sbin/chkconfig sybase on