PC-Client product descriptions

Table 1-3 describes Adaptive Server client products, which can be installed on Windows 98, and Windows NT client computers.

Table 1-3: Products and platforms

Product and Platforms


Open Client version 12.5

Used to develop and deploy C language-based applications that access Adaptive Server data.

Default installation includes:

  • Client-Library™

  • DB-Library

  • CS-Library

  • Bulk Library

  • bcp utility used to transfer data between files and Adaptive Server databases

  • isql utility used to connect to Adaptive Server for SQL queries.

  • defncopy utility used to copy stored procedure definitions from one database to another

  • Online help files for Open Client routines

  • Net-Library drivers for connecting 32-bit client applications to a server through most available network protocols. Default installation includes:

    • dsedit for editing the sql.ini and interfaces files and testing client-server connections

    • Drivers for Named Pipes and Windows Sockets

    • Drivers for Named Pipes, Windows Sockets, Novell LAN Workplace, and Microsoft TCP/IP

Additional options include:

  • Programmer support (include files and libraries) for compiling and linking Client-Library and DB-Library applications

  • Sample programs for Client-Library and DB-Library

  • Net-Library driver protocols:

    • TCP/IP, SPX/IPX, Named Pipes, DECNet.

    • TCP/IP and SPX/IPX require the WinSock API. DECNet requires DEC PathWorks.

  • Monitor Client Library – an application programming interface that provides access to Adaptive Server performance data.

Language modules version 12.5

Display system messages and datetime formats to help you localize your 32-bit applications. The Standard Installation option installs all of the character sets.

Embedded SQL/C and Embedded SQL/COBOL version 12.5

A superset of Transact-SQL® that lets you place Transact-SQL statements in application programs written in languages such as C and COBOL.

jConnect 4.5 and jConnect 5.5

Provides a Java database connectivity (JDBC) driver that works with both Sun and Microsoft virtual machines (VM).

Provides support for Adaptive Server 12.5 extended limits by requesting support for wide tables. This request is ignored by servers other than Adaptive Server 12.5 and higher.

For more information on jConnect™ for JDBC™, see the jConnect product pagehttp://www.sybase.com/support/manuals/.

jutils (Cascade Gateway, jisql, Ribo)


  • The Cascade Gateway – a gateway that acts as a proxy to provide a path to the database server if it is running on a different host from the Web Server.

  • jisql – a graphical Transact-SQL editor written in Java that replaces SQL Advantage®.

  • Ribo – a utility that captures, translates, and displays the Tabular Data Stream (TDS)™ protocol flowing between a TDS client and a TDS server.

jConnect Documentation

Contains the Sybase jConnect for JDBC Programmer’s Reference.

Sybase Central ASE plug-in Java edition

The Java-based, graphical administration utility for Adaptive Server.

Sybase Central™ ASE plug-in C++ version 12.0

SQL Remote and the Monitor Server GUI require the C++ version of this plug-in.

WARNING! Do not use the Adaptive Server C++ plug-in for general administrative purposes.

Sybase ODBC drivers version 3.5

ODBC drivers have support for extended limits.

PowerDynamo version 3.5.2

A suite of tools for building and managing database-hosted Web sites with dynamic content.

InfoMaker version 7.0.3

A tool for personal data access, management, and reporting, for developers and end users. InfoMaker allows you to create presentation-quality reports and powerful queries without the complexities of programming. It complements client/server business applications and development tools as well as desktop productivity suites.

SQL Remote version 7.0.2

SQL Remote enables two-way replication between a database server and multiple portable computer databases through E-mail or dial-up connections.

Physical Architect version 8.0

A tool for data modeling, including database design, generation, maintenance, reverse engineering, and documentation for database architects.