Using New Wide Data Sizes with Open Client

Adaptive Server and Open Client interact depending on how you determine Open Client’s capabilities. Capabilities describe features that a client/server connection supports. In particular, capabilities describe the types of requests that an application sends on a specific connection and the types of server responses that a server returns on a specific connection. Before you use Open Client with the wider limits allowed by Adaptive Server version 12.5, you must enable the Open Client capability for these limits. See your Open Client documentation for information about enabling the wide-table capabilities.

NoteDB Library cannot use the wide limits for Adaptive Server version 12.5

To see whether you can enable wide data sizes for your client software, go to the section below that describes your system:

Both ASE and Open Client are Version 12.5

You should not have any problems if both Adaptive Server and Open Client are at version 12.5. Perform the following before you use Open Client 12.5 with Adaptive Server version 12.5:

  1. Relink your Open Client application with the 12.5 libraries.

  2. Establish the new version number with CS_VERSION.

  3. If you are using JConnect, reconnect the drivers.

Open Client Is an Older Version

If you are running a pre-version 12.5 Open Client application with Adaptive Server version 12.5, and have relinked your application with 12.5 Open Client, but have not changed the version of your libraries, the pre-version 12.5 functionality is fine, but the new limits are not enabled. Adaptive Server sends the data according to the pre-12.5 limits, and will truncate any data that is beyond these limits.

If you are running pre-version 12.5 Open Client with Adaptive Server version 12.5, but have not relinked your libraries, Adaptive Server sends data according to the pre-12.5 version, with the same restrictions outlined above.

ASE 12.5 Connects to a Remote Pre-12.5 Server

If Open Client 12.5 connects to a 12.5 Adaptive Server, which then queries a remote server which is at an earlier version, the remote server truncates any wide data before returning results. All servers and clients in a transaction must be at 12.5 in order to use the new wide limits.