Network memory requirements for using SSL for incoming connections

[Bug #273923] SSL-enabled client connections initiated from Adaptive Server, such as CIS/OMNI, DTM, RepAgent, CIS RPC handling, and so on, use up memory resources intended for incoming Adaptive Server SSL connections. When the memory reaches capacity, Adaptive Server returns this message to the error log:

ssl_alloc: Cannot allocate using ubfalloc(rnetmempool, nnnn)

This affects both incoming connections to Adaptive Server and outgoing client connections initiated from Adaptive Server.

Workaround: Increase additional network memory to compensate for the memory requirements. You should add a minimum of 256K plus 40K for each outgoing connection in max cis remote connections.If cis rpc handling is enabled, then the amount you need to add may go up to 600K to 900K, plus 40K for each number of user connections to handle peak memory requirements.In addition, you must add an amount equal to or greater than the additional network memory to max memory to account for the addition memory requirements.