bcp and row-level access rules

If Adaptive Server is enabled for row-level access, and you bulk-copy-out data, bcp copies out only the rows of data to which you have access. To copy out the entire table, you must first drop the access rules, then bcp out. Reinstate the access rules after you are done, if applicable.

If you bulk-copy-in data to a table that has access rules enabled, Adaptive Server may issue “uniqueness violation” errors. For example, if you load data from a bcp data file that was generated before the access rules were created on the table, and the bcp data file contains rows that were previously inserted into the table, you may receive this type of error.

If this happens, the table may look to the user like it does not include the rows that failed the bcp insert because of the uniqueness violation, but the user does not have access to the “missing” rows because of the access rules.

To copy in the entire table, drop the access rules, load the data, address any errors, then reinstate the access rules.