Sporadic error message from alter table on DOL tables

[Bug #240950] The following only occurs on servers that use a 4K page size.

If you use alter table on DOL tables with a clustered index to add non-NULL columns, or modify or drop existing columns, Adaptive Server may issue an error message similar to the following:

Msg 1530, Level 16, State 1: Line 1: Create index with sorted_data was aborted because of row out of order.  Primary key of first out of order row is '27, "default string"

This error occurs after alter table performs the data copy and is in the process of rebuilding the clustered index. This is a generic problem, and is highly data dependent, and only occurs on DOL tables with a clustered index.If this error occurs, the entire operation is rolled back, so tables are not corrupted, and the original schema of the table being altered is reinstated.

Workaround: Drop the clustered index, alter the table to implement the schema change, and then rebuild the clustered index manually after the alter table operation has committed.