Error when viewing table properties in Sybase Central

[Bug #209782] When you select a user table and click Properties, then click the Miscellaneous tab, an error message appears. If you click OK, the error message dialog closes; however, if you then click the Properties button on the top of the Miscellaneous sheet, Sybase Central causes an application error and is shut down.

A similar error message also appears when you connect to a data server, select the execution classes folder, view the properties for one of the execution classes shown, then select the Bindings tab. An error dialog appears with a message similar to the one in the previous scenario; however, in this case Sybase Central does not cause an application error.

Workaround: To query the server for the table information, use isql:

use db_name 
SELECT rowcnt( doampg ), 
	reserved_pgs( id, doampg ) + reserved_pgs( id, ioampg ),
	data_pgs( id, doampg ), data_pgs( id, ioampg ) 
	FROM sysindexes WHERE id = id