Operating system updates

SGI IRIX 6.5 (32-bit and 64-bit) requires no operating system patches to run Adaptive Server components.

If you will be using the SGI Database Accelerator (DBA) and are at IRIX version 6.5 without updates, you should update the Operating System with a Maintenance or Feature release. You can find the Maintenance and the Feature releases http://support.sgi.com/colls/patches/tools/browse/. Before upgrading, read general upgrade informationhttp://support.sgi.com/irix/news/upgrades.html

NoteSGI recomends that you upgrade to IRIX version 6.5.x, but you can install SGI patch SG0003126 instead.

Viewing the OS version

To identify the Operating System on which you are running, enter:

uname -R

If uname -R returns a line like:

6.5 6.5.12m

then the IRIX that you are running was last updated by the Maintenance release 6.5.12m.

If uname -R returns a line like:

6.5 6.5.12f

then the IRIX that you are running was last updated by the Feature release 6.5.12f.

If uname -R returns a single version number:


then your IRIX 6.5 Major release has not been updated.

If you plan to use Sybase Failover in a high-availability system, install all vendor-recommended operating system and high-availability patches. For more information, contact your operating system and high-availability vendors.

Viewing installed patches

To list all currently installed patches, enter:

versions patch