sp_help and sp_depend display access rule information

sp_help and sp_depends display access rule information for columns. The Rule_name column of the output displays the domain rule attached to the column, and the Access_Rule_name column displays the name of the access rule.

For example, after adding the following access rules to the pubs2 database:

create access rule empl_id_access as @empid < "1111"

and then binding them to the publishers table:

sp_bindrule empl_id_access, "publishers.pub_id"

sp_help displays the the following access rules for the publishers table (this example only displays the pertinent information for space reasons):

1> sp_help publishers
. . . 
Name                Owner           Object_type
-----------------   --------------  -----------
publishers          dbo             user table

Data_located_on_segment          When_created
------------------------------   -------------------
default                          Jun  8 2001 10:05AM

Column_name     Type            Length      Prec Scale Nulls Default_name
Rule_name       Access_Rule_name               Identity--------------- --------------- ----------- ---- ----- ----- ---------------
--------------- ------------------------------ --------
pub_id          char                      4 NULL  NULL     0 NULL
pub_idrule      empl_id_access                        0
pub_name        varchar                  40 NULL  NULL     1 NULL
NULL            NULL
. . .

If you issue sp_help with only the access rule name, it describes if it an OR or an AND access rule:

sp_help name_access

Name                   Owner         Object_type
--------------         -------       --------------
empl_id_access         dbo           AND accessrule

Data_located_on_segment     When_created
-------------------------   --------------------
not applicable               Jun 12 2001  4:18PM

name_access access rule is an OR access rule in the publishers table.

sp_depends displays the dependencies for the publishers table, including the access rules bound to this table:

1> sp_depends publishersObject doesn't reference any object and no objects reference it.
Dependent objects that reference all columns in the table. Use sp_depends on
each column to get more information.
Columns referenced in stored procedures, views or triggers are not included in
this report.

Column               Type         Object Names or Column Names -----------------  -----------  ----------------------------
pub_id              accessrule   empl_id_access
pub_id              index        pubind (pub_id)
pub_id              logical RI   From titles (pub_id) To publishers (pub_id)
pub_id              logical RI   publishers (pub_id)
pub_id              rule         pub_idrule
pub_id              statistics   (pub_id)