Full Text Search Specialty Data Store User's Guide

Version 12.5 of the Full-Text Search Specialty Data Store is the Enhanced Version.

Standard Full-Text Search (SFTS) is being discontinued. If you use SFTS, you should migrate to Enhanced Full-Text Search (EFTS), an option with Adaptive Server version 12.5. As an SFTS user, you can obtain a copy of EFTS through your Sybase sales representative or customer service.

Enhanced Full-Text Search (EFTS) was a standalone product that can now be purchased as an Adaptive Server option beginning with version 12.5. If you are an EFTS user on an existing support plan, you can also obtain a copy of the Adaptive Server option version of EFTS.

You do not need to pay EFTS support fees until your current Adaptive Server version 12.0 support plan expires.